Can You Force an Addict Into Treatment

Can You Force an Addict Into Treatment

Addiction is a disease that affects the body and mind. Its consequences are so dire and if your loved one refuses to seek help and everything else has failed, you might be forced to step in and force them into treatment. Although forcing someone into treatment isn’t ideal, it’s also the best thing to do for your loved one instead of walking away. However, forcing an addict to go to rehab depends on where you live and the governing laws. In some states, a family member or a loved one can legally force an addict into rehab.

Can You Force Addict into Treatment?

There is a common misconception that a drug addict can only get treatment if they are willing and ready to, but this is not true. Yes, you can force someone into drug addiction treatment with a Court Ordered Treatment. A court ordered treatment is a mandatory drug addiction rehabilitation ordered by a judge in lieu of going to prison. As matter of fact, the two major reasons why drug addicts end up in rehab facilities are:

  • Court Ordered Treatments and
  • Coercion or motivation from loved ones/ family members.

Furthermore, a lot of evidence has shown that a rehab treatment can be beneficial if the individual in need is not even willing to start the treatment .i.e. the addict may be unwilling to seek treatment initially but when forced into the program, they learn more about the seriousness of their state & accept that they should get help.

The Effectiveness of Court Ordered Treatment

When considering to use a court ordered treatment, one major concern that will likely plague you is whether or not its use will be effective to your loved one. This is because you are forcing an addict into a treatment which they are against and its success rate may seem to be so low. The truth is that its effectiveness depends on the willingness of the person involved.  Here is some more information on court ordered rehab.

Studies by The National Criminal Justice Reference have shown that A court ordered treatment is an effective way of forcing a drug addict into treatment submission as it often shocks them and leads them into understanding the extend and urgency of their problem. It acts like an intervention presented with an ultimatum. I.e. you should go into treatment or force serious legal consequences. When faced with such options, most addicts will accept treatment with seriousness. A court ordered treatment forces the addict into a situation in which they have to consider quitting.